White Shirt – Must Have Fashion Item For Every Season

A white short is the epitome of elegance when it comes to fashion items. This is a classic item that is welcomed to be worn by every woman despite her style shape or size. The white shirt remains a fashion item that will be combined with almost everything and you will always manage to obtain a neat look. If you want to choose the right way to combine your white short with other fashion items, here are a few tips that will definitely prove useful.

Your White Shirt Under a Pullover – there are many ways to make sure that you keep yourself warm during a cold season while remaining elegant and this combination is one of the keys to success. If you want to look amazing with your white shirt during the winter you can take a sleeveless pullover or one with sleeves over it. This is very common and it’s a style that will always be in fashion as it works for both elegant and casual outfits.

Long Shirt – another way to create a beautiful and more unique style you need to take a shirt that is longer and wear it on different occasions. If you want to enhance your waist, a good idea is to get a thick belt and just make sure that it goes smoothly with the rest of your outfit. You can use other accessories to give your whole outfit a bit of color as the white shirt might get dull if you don’t accessorize it properly.

White Shirt and Skirt – the ultimate classic combination when it comes to white shirts. This is a great outfit for an office or school look and the perfect look for a job interview. However, you should be choosing your skirts according to occasion, if you are going to a club, you can choose more casual skirts, but when it comes to a job interview you will want to use a skirt that has a more classic style.

If you don’t have a white shirt in your wardrobe right now, this should be your main priority when it comes to buying clothes next time as it is extremely useful.

Newest Nail Polish Trends

Nail polishes have always been a fun way to improve our style and make sure that you manage to get the best out of different colors. There seems to be a tendency for brighter and more unusual colors when it comes to everything related to fashion, from clothes to makeup and nails cannot skip this tendency.

Neon colors seem to be a really big trend, from neon orange to green or even minty colors that will stand out everywhere you will go. Make sure that they are matte and you manage to combine them somehow with something you are wearing. There are also bright silver colors, dark charcoal tones and even milky green or yellow.

If you are trying hard to make an impression and you need to be noticed you can choose other trendy colors such as bright teal, coral, blue teal or even a bright 80’s style orange red. Deep burgundy and cherry red nails are the expression of femininity and they will probably be in the top preference of women, especially since they bring out a sort of 50s style to your whole look.

For a more everyday look you can easily choose peach, tangerine, pink and even a brighter shade of red. There are also fewer colors that will stand out such as beige, light pink or light brown, so they are perfect for an office look where you wouldn’t want your nails to stand out. Seashell pink or other creamy colors are also welcomed. White nail polish seems to be really in trend this year but of course there are always many types of white – you can choose between matte white, more messy white or very shiny or pearly white. They are all in trend so it’s up to you which one you prefer best. Honey tones might also be a great selection for those who want something that looks more conservative.

It seems that there are colors for any taste and you can easily choose something that will match your outfits and occasions. The great thing about the new nail polish trends is the fact that it allows us to experiment with different crazy colors.

What To Look For In Fashion Items This Summer

If you want to make sure that you follow the trends this summer, you have to have some idea about the fashion items that will be the favorite of the fashion designers. In this article you will not only find out which fashion item you should choose to make sure that you are trendy but also how to combine it and where to wear it.

Navy fashion items or the color navy blue – there seems to be quite an obsession for both these items and people have already fallen in love for this trend this year. If you like to dress this way, your navy clothes are still trendy so you can safely wear them during your everyday activities. Try a cute navy stripped top in the style of classic Chanel or try a simple dark blue top with a white skirt if you want to achieve that minimalistic elegant look that simply feels and gives the impression it was effortless.

Lines and patterns – another trend that needs to be followed when choosing your fashion items for this summer is the fact that they have to contain lines and patterns, so don’t be afraid to wear more colorful and even crazier outfits. The more colors you get on a patterned outfit, the better. Never use the same patterns for the entire outfit, make sure that you combine often and you will be safe from a fashion disaster.

Fuchsia – fuchsia is a color fashion designers seem to love this year too. If you get a fuchsia dress or a fuchsia top that is simple and has a bright color you will certainly follow the trends properly.

Flat shoes or ballerina shoes in neon colors – neon is another crazy color you might like when it comes to the fashion items that you will have to wear this summer. Fashion designers have gone crazy with neon green which is very frequent in fashion shows but you can also choose neon orange, yellow or light blue to achieve the same trendy effect. Don’t add too many other colors to your outfit if you are planning to wear your shoes with those colors.

Pearls – One of the Greatest Gifts of the Sea

Pearls may well represent one of the first fashion’s essentials to have appeared in the history of mankind. Indeed, men and women of prehistoric times would have discovered the pearls when harvesting oysters, clams and mussels from the sea to feed themselves and their families.

One can only imagine the magical and mystical appeal these exquisite jewels may have had upon the first women to discover them. Their mythical aspect has made pearls legendary throughout the centuries. It was believed for a long time that pearls were tears coming from angels who fell from heaven and these glowing adornment items were collected from the ocean and cherished by mortals. The Egyptians appreciated pearls as in their culture they symbolized richness and they were buried with the owners. For the Greeks, they were related to love and marriage and the Roman conquerors looted many nations to satisfy their insatiable desire for pearls.

During the Middle Ages, the brave knights went into battle wearing their beloved wives’ pearls, believing they protect warriors against injury. During the Renaissance, the laws allowed only the nobility to wear them. They were so valuable that in 1916, the French jeweler Jacques Cartier traded two pearl necklaces against his flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

These natural glowing jewels come mainly from oysters and sometimes from clams and mussels. They develop because of a substance called nacre which is secreted by mollusks to make their shells. A natural pearl is formed when an object falls into the oyster, which defends itself by covering the irritant with layers of nacre. As time passes, the irritant becomes a pearl.

Natural pearls have become increasingly rare in the 1800s due to the depletion of oyster populations. Pearls were then only available for those who could pay their excessively high price. In the early 1900s, methods to grow pearls by artificially introducing an irritant into an oyster to stimulate the formation of a pearl were discovered. Culture pearls are as beautiful and pure as natural pearls. The only difference is that the oyster was encouraged to produce it.

The beauty and luster of the pearls still continues to delight us today. In fact, pearls are an essential element in any woman’s jewelry collection. A classic pearl necklace matches any outfit and any occasion. Worn in combination with an evening dress, pearls are impeccable. They add a touch of chic and style if worn with a pair of funky jeans. Pearls have always been an expression of elegance, richness and purity.

Snake Print Fashion Item

It can be difficult to find the right accessories for an outfit and the only thing that makes it easier, is to have a bunch of them available. Having a great number of accessories on hand can be real lifesaver when trying to obtain that perfect look that says how you are and how you feel. Animal prints are something that belongs in every wardrobe and they can be found in many shapes and sizes; the great thing is that animal prints will never go out of fashion. This means that the right accessories can last you a very long time and you can choose to wear them only when you consider that they present the right message.

A snake print necklace is a great fashion item that can complete the right outfit quite nicely. It is not really the type of necklace that can go with anything because of the generous size and golden hardware but it is something that can easily find its place in a wardrobe. The hardware creates a nice contrast with the grey snake skin. If you go for a big necklace with snake skin, make sure that the rest of accessories aren’t too obvious because this one will already get you a lot of attention; it is always important not to overdo it.

Depending on who designed the necklace and on the quality of the materials used to make it, a snake skin accessory can be a bit expensive. There are also affordable options which shouldn’t set you back more than a few dollars. The result is pretty much the same and having a bit of animal prints in your outfit is surely recommended for this season. There are many fashion items that offer this chic style for spring so the possibilities are really limitless.

If grey snake skin is not really for you, it is easy to find some more colorful fashion items that are inspired from the wild life. A bright orange base with black stripes is one of the most popular choices and it goes very well with the colorful theme of this spring fashion trends.

Be Elegant And Comfortable – The Long Skirt

When it comes to fashion items, there is nothing more elegant and comfortable than a long skirt. This is one of the key elements in every woman’s wardrobe and while the style may vary depending on the designer, the long skirt is one of the all-time favorite fashion items. A great thing about a long skirt is that it can be incredibly comfortable and versatile which makes it perfect for this spring.

A colorful long skirt with some sparkly details on it can be perfect for a casual outfit when going out during the day while a black long skirt can help you achieve that elegant look required for formal events. Its versatility lies in the great number of designs which means that you can pretty much wear a long skirt for any occasion as long as you get the right style. A straight long skirt can be perfect for work because it shows professionalism but is also feminine at the same time; the ideal combination.

For this season, the famous fashion item has been modified to include bright colors as well as water designs that look incredible. The loose skirts are the most popular and not just because they are comfortable but also due to the fact that they create a nice flowing look. Long skirts are usually accessorized with large bracelets and handbags; a pair of comfortable shoes is also a good idea but really high heels are not recommended.

Next time you don’t know what to wear, just look for a nice long skirt, match with a colorful top and some small accessories, maybe a designer handbag, and you are ready to go out looking fashionable. It is one of those fashion items that will always be trendy and designers will continue to reinvent the look every new season.

The Capushawl – Making Sure You Stay Warm And Fashionable

Although this winter doesn’t seem to be very cold, there is a new fashion item that will make sure you feel warm and most importantly, fashionable. The Capushawl by Mrs.B is a very nice way to guarantee that you don’t feel the cold wind this season. It can be worn over the head and not only does it cover the head but it is also great for the neck area and the soft materials that are used to make it will guarantee that you never want to take it off.

So, it is very practical and comfortable but it also has to be very fashionable to be included on the list of must-have items for this season. As far as style goes, it does look pretty good and it would go great with a fur coat. It can be found in neutral colors such as black, white, grey and brown and every time you look at one, you just want to feel it due to its soft fur. Keeping warm with this fashionable item is not only great for the winter but it would also be a perfect accessory for the fall or even for a cold summer night.

If you don’t know what it is, imagine a fur hood that has long sleeves which can be used to provide a nice snuck fit; perfect for when it is a bit too cold outside. This season, it is all about the Capushawl and it deserves its place on the most popular fashion items list.

Hair Extensions – Wavy Hair Without The Waiting Period

In a world where looks are so important, having a beautiful and ravishing hair is definitely a plus. But not all women are born with hair that has the same volume and length as that on women in shampoo commercials so we must all help ourselves as we can. There are different methods of adding hair extensions, most known as clip in, bonding or sealing, or weaves.

Clip in hair extensions are probably the easiest and most pain free ways of adding new layers or length to your hair. As you can imagine they have clips on it and they are simply added to the rest of your hair from the neck and working to the top of your head. They are easy to apply and don’t have to be fitted by a professional.  The best thing about these extensions is the fact that they can be easily taken off.

Bonding or sealing extensions are a bit more complicated to use as they are mixed with the real hair and then sealed with an agent that acts as glue. They usually last a couple of months before the person notices that they are starting to lose the applied hair so it can be a little upsetting.

Another more long lasting solution is weaving your hair so the hair is somehow sewn between your natural hairs. However, this can be a little unhealthy and might make you lose a lot of your natural hair because the extensions will drag down your hair.

No matter what type of extensions you choose, you will definitely see the improvement and how beautiful your face looks afterwards.

Going For A Vintage Look With A 1940s Tea Dress

If you like to follow the latest trends, then you know that the fashion season for 2011/2012 is all about the 1940s tea dresses, a look that is much appreciated amongst young celebrities. While the look is a bit vintage and such dresses can be found in most vintage stores, the difference this season brings is that they are now fashionable. This makes it the perfect time to buy one of these fashion items and despite the design being more than 70 years old, it does look amazing on the catwalk.

Tea dresses are very elegant, there is no doubt about that, it can be worn during the day and it doesn’t show too much skin. The style of the 40s is actually meant to complement the woman body without going overboard. Most fashion critics see the tea dress as a day to night outfit because of its adaptability to both scenarios. On one hand, it is simple and elegant, usually with flowery patterns, perfect for the day time but on the other hand, it hugs the body very well and is great for going out at night.


A tea dress, such as the ones popular in 1940, usually has some characteristics such as patted shoulders, long and loose sleeves, small cleavage and a length of just under the knee. While the colors are mostly neutral, it is very common for tea dresses to have colorful patterns such as flowers, butterflies and other playful touches. Some dresses have buttons and neutral colors for those that don’t want to appear too girly but like the vintage look that is so popular on the catwalk this season.

It is something normal for fashion designers to get their inspiration from the past and with a small modern touch, they can create something truly great as it is with the modern tea dress inspired from the 1940s. It is a fashion item that every woman should have because you would look great in it.

Versace Unique – A Glamorous Mobile Phone

If we are talking about glamorous fashion items, we have to talk about Versace and their unique style that makes your eyes hurt from all the glamour. This fashion house was founded in 1978 and over the year, they had quite an interesting list of celebrities that were seen wearing this brand. Tupac Shakur, Axl Rose, Beyonce and Elton John make Versace one of the most versatile fashion houses when it comes to celebrities; there are names from almost every field and every taste in fashion. We can’t talk about all the items they produce so we will just take a look at the Versace Unique mobile phone.

The design is something expected from Versace, it looks very stylish and expensive. It would go great with a fashionable handbag and just imagine yourself taking it out to make an important call. It’s clear that fashion is all about the accessories you choose to have around and this glamorous fashion item can be quite the choice. The Unique is a clear fashion statement for the rich and successful and it is enough to just have a glance at it to understand why. It does look pretty interesting but also very fragile.

mobile phone

Rest assured that the big touch screen will not be as fragile as you may think it is. The crystal screen is unscratchable and it will take a lot of beating without having the smallest imperfection although it is highly unlikely that this superb mobile phone will ever be in danger. Precious stones and rare materials are usually a trademark for Versace so you can be sure that the frame is made from 18K white gold. Other design features include leather on the back of the phone and a picture of Medusa on the front.

Don’t think that it is just a looker and that it is useless as a phone. LG Electronics have made sure that it can do everything a phone should and that it is compatible with the most common forms of entertainment, from 3G to e-mail and media player. It also has a 5MB camera which will allow you to take glamorous pictures of yourself and of your friends; the only problem is that the picture won’t capture this superb phone but maybe you can use a mirror if you really want to show it off. So Versace has truly created a great watch that looks fashionable and works geeky, the perfect combination.